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Friendship Day Quotes: Friendship day celebrations happen on varies dates in different countries. Founder of Hallmark cards starts that tradition of celebrating friendship day in 1930. Friendship day was originally promoted in the world by Joyce Hall on 30th July 1958. The friendship day celebrations take place on the first Sunday of August every year. It is celebrated in large amount of countries like USA, UK and India etc. The People spend time with their best friends and express feelings for them on Happy Friendship Day. The day was honor of friends who made our life so special. The way of celebration this day by sending Happy Friendship Day Quotes for girlfriend, friendship day Massages for best friends and also send wallpapers and give greeting cards, flowers, wrist bands, bracelets, these things are famous tradition of this event.


People from all over the world are extremely waiting for Friendship Day every year, a day to celebrate with their favorite friends and best buddies. The Day of friendship forever friends. On happy friendship day people exchange gifts, wishes, bands, bracelets with their best friends. Friendship Day is a day to express your emotions and feelings of love and care by giving dedicated turns to all the unique things one plans to be done. So what are you waiting for, simply send friendship messages to your best buddies and friends. Send to your friends and best buddies Happy Friendship Day Quotes.


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